Quality News
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Quality News is a Hacker News client that provides additional charts and data about the performance of stories. For an in-depth explanation, see the Readme on GitHub.

This is a collective intelligence experiment by Social Protocols. Follow us on Mastodon or Twitter, or send a mail.

Upvote Rate

The upvoteRate quantifies how much more or less likely users are to upvote this story compared to the average story. It is calculated as the story's total upvotes divided by total expected upvotes.

Expected Upvotes

The expected upvotes for a story is an estimate of the number of upvotes the average story would have received if it were shown at the same times at the same ranks.

Raw Rank

The raw rank is the rank that a story would have according to the "raw" Hacker News ranking formula:

upvotes^0.8 / (ageHours+2)^1.8

This formula produces a certain ranking that you can see on the (raw page). But the HN ranking is further influenced by moderator actions, user flags, and other factors which boost or penalize stories.